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Cathryn Gabrielli


Cathryn is our volunteer webmaster.  She has a younger sister Emma, a rescued Lab/Sharpei mix named Yardley, and 2 rescued cats.  Cathryn is a graduate of DeSales University and is attending Chestnut Hill College works part time. In her spare time she volunteers at a rescue grooming horses, mucking stalls, and doing whatever else needs to be done.



Zach Anstead

Zach is our volunteer who, along with Alexis, delivers blankets, food, treats, and whatever else needs to be done.  He has volunteered for a local shelter and a rescue fostering pit bull puppies.  He "foster failed" on one of the pups, a deaf pure white ABD whom he adopted early in 2014 and named Mable.  He has quite a few geckos, no two are alike.  Zach is also an avid BMW enthusiast and a huge animal advocate.  


John Perazzetti

 John lives in Easton, PA with his rescued JRT/Beagle mix Spanky whom he adopted March 2010.  John is retired and always ready to help the animals. He picks up donation items for BOAD, delivers donation items to recipients, and is always ready to help an animal in need. 


​Ava Kulischenko

Ava attends 5th grade in the Bethlehem School District and is our newest volunteer and the daughter of our VP Janice Kulischenko.  She has two rescued dogs....Daisy and Jersey.  Ava delivers slip leads and bowls to our local Police Departments.  She attends many fundraisers with her mom for shelters, cancer awareness, etc and is a huge animal advocate already.  



Mable Anstead and Max Anstead

 Mable, a pure white deaf ABD was born 04/19/13 in GA.  In Oct 2013 she was brought in as a stray to the Fayetteville, GA high kill shelter. She was on the euthanasia list but a rescue stepped up and we fostered her. Zach Anstead was a foster failure! He officially adopted her Feb 2014.

Max, a black and gold brindle APBT was born 02/13/11.  Selena Anstead found him listed on CraigsList when he was 8 weeks old and on 04/15/11 she adopted him.  Max loves people and animals, especially kittens and puppies, and has been a foster brother to over 30 puppies and a few kittens. UPDATE 05/12/2018 - Sadly out beloved Max passed away unexpectedly this morning. He will be greatly missed.

Both Mable and Max are "volunteers" and deliver items to municipalities.


Rebel Cobalt

Rebel is the son of our President, Selena Anstead. Rebel was adopted on 08/03/2018 through Road Trip Rescues. He was born 05/21/2018. He is aptly named as he gives us a run for our money. He is in training to deliver items to the Police Depts.